DD307 Exam

As I mentioned, on the 8th October 2014 I had the final exam for my degree which was the exam for DD307 Social Psychology: critical perspectives on self and others. In comparison to the TMA questions and the course material I was pleasantly surprised by the questions which came up in the exam. There were four blocks, each with a choice of two questions, and you had to select 1 question from 3 different blocks to answer. Below are the three questions I opted for:

Critically evaluate the contribution of quantitative methods to our understanding
of attitudes.

Compare and contrast cognitive social and discursive psychological approaches
to the study of groups and crowds.

Compare and contrast cognitive social and discursive psychological approaches
to the study of groups and crowds.


I don’t feel as though it was my strongest exam but I answered all three questions to the best of my ability and whatever the results, which are out on 5th December, I most definitely couldn’t have put in any more preparation and revision than I did.

For anyone who reads this post in the future or who will be completing DD307 as part of their degree pathway I strongly recommend revising much earlier than you are timetabled. I also recommended getting to grips with the four perspectives covered along with the interrogative themes as early as possible and really focus on them throughout the entire module as it seems to be a major focus and way to pick up marks!

I will do an update post when I receive my results so until then fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “DD307 Exam

  1. Hi, i was wondering how did you manage to do DD307 + DSE212 … i have started DD307 and i willing to start DD303 in Feb… yet, i am thinking that might be too ambitious! How was your experience?! Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi, I overlapped slightly (like you plan to) I had to be prepared to compromise. I knew I wouldn’t be getting as great marks as my previous modules but still wanted to work to the best of my ability. I planned my time out as best as possible and made use of lunch breaks, didn’t watch TV in the evenings etc. I also voice recorded lots of the books/revision and listened to it when dog walking, driving etc.
      I also weeded out the chapters/sections which I could skip totally – not brilliant but it made a huge difference.
      If you are determined to do it don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise – you can do it!

  2. Hi Sophie – first of all congratulations on finishing DD307 and with it your degree! It’s a fantastic achievement. I had a question for you. I’m part way through DD307 (with the exam in June 2015) and I was wondering how you went about revising for the exam. This module seems a lot more nebulous than the previous modules I’ve done (such as DSE212) and therefore topics/chapters to revise don’t seem to stand out.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi! Thank you and sorry for the late reply! I have moved house and had no internet which I have found shamefully difficult! I felt a little overwhelmed with DD307 revision, partially because my tutor disappeared after marking the last assignment and provided no exam support at all!
      I made flash cards with key terms, theorists and concepts around half way through the course and every few days read through them. I upped the anti around 4 weeks before the exam and made sure I read them at least once a day. I chose 5 chapters to revise in depth and created word documents with the key features along with pictures as it is the pictures which I seem to remember in exams and then the info next to them comes flooding back. I will do a post on revision when I get things up and running in the new house and will post pics of my 307 revision.
      If you haven’t already check out http://www.tenpencepiece.net/blog/dd307-notes/ it was invaluable to me.
      Hope the module is going well!

  3. Hi Sophie, thanks for letting me know how your revision went. It sounds like you had a bad experience with your tutor disappearing and not giving you any help.

    Apologies for the delay in my reply, I’d put thoughts of revision out my head so that I could concentrate on the remaining TMAs. I’m pretty much finished with those now, so I’ve started looking at preparing for the exam. Like you, I’ve found that flash cards really help so I’ll be putting some of those together. I’ll probably try and do some mock essay plans for previous exam questions to get me into the swing of answering those sort of questions.

    Thanks again and I hope you’re settled into your new house now.

    (PS – yes the notes on tenpencepiece are really useful)

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