Drastic drop in prison officer numbers in North East prisons

Being a mentor for male offenders upon release from a North East prison I take an active interest in what is going on (or isn’t!) in our prison system. Recently some shocking statistics have been released about the reduction in prison officers across North East prisons. It is suggested that this decrease is due to staff from the North being sent to cover shortages in prisons in the South. These shortages are worrying considering the current state of our prison system, including the rising documentation of assaults on prison officers, prisoner on prisoner attacks and the very recent article published by the Guardian discussing the figures surrounding suicides in prison – http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/oct/17/-sp-inmate-suicide-figures-reveal-human-toll-prison-crisis
Some of the current statistics for North East prisons are:

Previously 311, currently 160

Previously 178, currently 120

Holme House
Previously 336, currently 200

Previously 604, currently 420

Low Newton
Previously 141, currently 100

It proves difficult, possibly unsurprisingly, to find any government acknowledgement of the rising issues and the general consensus seems to be that our prison system is fit for purpose. For further information regarding these statistics and the prison system as a whole visit, http://www.howardleague.org/


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