Give me more!

I have done a similar post before asking if anyone had any blog recommendations but I thought I would share websites – criminology related of course – that I regularly read or check for updates. I love reading books and would choose paper based material over web based any day but I do appreciate the way in which you can get instant updates online and can quickly search for thousands of areas of interest. I do however wish there were more informal criminology, psychology, substance misuse etc blogs and websites which were chatty and easy and quick to read on the go so I am always on the hunt for new sites! I also love watching related videos and documentaries so have included some sites I check for those too!

Without further ado here are some of the sites I enjoy or have found useful in the past;

The Lucifer Effect

The British Journal of Criminology

Just One More Ten Pence Piece

Drink Aware

The Howard League

Criminology and Criminal Justice

New Bridge

The Mental Elf

TED Talks

Top Documentary Films


Mental Health Cop

UK Criminal Law Blog

British Society of Criminology

(I also check BBC news on a regular basis along with my local news) I would love to hear your recommendations!


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