The next move?!

Now that I have graduated and had a number of months away from study I feel like it’s time to take the next step. The only problem is I am not quite sure what the next step is. My degree was in Criminology and Psychological studies and I am pretty certain I will steer away from the psychology element. This is something I enjoyed but really it was something that I liked studying myself, allowing me to pick and choose specific areas of psychology. I have three options in my head, of course there are many more and I would welcome any words of wisdom from others!

My first thought is to go ahead and apply for a Criminology and Criminal Justice MA, this is a 1 year masters course which I think I would find extremely enjoyable and interesting. I don’t know how much this would help me career wise, but on the other hand I am not sure if that is my main reason for further study. I *think* that I am wanting to do further study for the knowledge and enjoyment, BUT it would be nice to be able to invest in something to hopefully help me career wise (possibly being qualified ‘in’ something – see below!) I think you can already tell this is going to be an extremely un-organised and random post.

The second option I was thinking of was to apply for a Social Work MA, a 2 year course but it would result in leaving as a qualified social worker, something I have a real interest in and would hope that my volunteering experience would stand me in good stead. Adult social work would be my main area of interest however I don’t however know too much about social work degrees or the sector – any hints, advice, book recommendations etc. would be greatly appreciated!!

My third thought was to not do postgraduate study and to embark on a shorter course, purely for interest and enjoyment. I have seen a number of 12 week courses in a range of topics of interest, mainly different areas of counselling. Maybe this would help clarify which direction I want to move in?

As you can probably tell I have no clear idea of what’s next but I know I am itching to get back into some sort of study environment. Or is there something else for me? I would love to hear others plans (hoping for some sort of inspiration!)

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