Bring Back Borstal

This Thursday, 8th January 2015, at 9pm on ITV a new programme is airing. ‘Bring Back Borstal’ is a programme aiming to put a number of young offenders through a 1930’s ‘borstal’ style regime. It features Professor David Wilson, a well known and respected criminologist along with fourteen volunteer ‘offenders.’ I am very much looking forward to this as on the face of it is demonstrating a punishment style I don’t entirely agree with so I will be watching with interest. I will follow up with an opinion post on Friday and would be keen to hear views from others.
There is currently some Twitter talk regarding this programme – which I am sure will get a whole lot more interesting at 9pm on Thursday! Searching #bringbackborstal will bring up any current discussion.

2 thoughts on “Bring Back Borstal

  1. It should be interesting. The idea of bringing back a borstal system of juvenile punishment fills me with dread. Although under the current system of Tory government it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Twitter should be fun, plenty of opportunities to wind up the trolls lol.

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