Book List

I have decided to create two lists on here, one will be a ‘what I have read’  and I am going to list all the books I have read since starting this blog and the other will be a ‘book wishlist’ – pretty self explanatory.

Completed Books:

Gypsy Jane – Jane Lee with David Jarvis
‘In It’ – Jonathan Robinson
Fog on The Tyne – Bernard O’Mahoney
Hooked, Confessions of a London Call Girl – Clare Gee
Flowers in God’s Garden – Bernard O’Mahoney
Raoul Moat, His Short Life and Bloody Death – Vanessa Howard
Darwin in 90 Minutes – John & Mary Gribben
An Introduction to Jung’s Psychology – Frieda Fordham
Sigmund Freud – Stephen Wilson
The Jigsaw Man – Paul Britton
Picking up the Pieces – Paul Britton


‘What everyone in Britain should know about crime and punishment’ – David Wilson and John Ashton
Chavs: The Demonization of The Working Class’ – Owen Jones
‘Crime Scene Investigation’ – Ian.K Pepper
‘The Culture of Control’ – David Garland
‘Death in Purugia’ – John Follain
‘Powder Wars’ – Graham Johnson
‘A turnkey or Not’ – Tony Levy
‘Innocence Betrayed: Paedophilia, the Media and Society’ – David Wilson
’30 Second Politics’
‘Jilted Generation’ – Ed Howker & Shiv Malik
‘Forensic Psychology, A Very Short Introduction’ – David Canter
‘Serial Killers: Hunting Britons and their Victims, 1960-2006’ – David Wilson
‘Schizophrenia, A Very Short Introduction’ – Christopher Frith & Eve Johnstone

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Happy Reading Everyone!

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