Cannabis – The Facts

Cannabis is extremely controversial. There is a growing argument that cannabis should be legalised for a number of reasons from health benefits to the state being able to control and regulate as opposed to illegal dealers. Some may be for the legalisation, some against and some may not have an opinion which fits either of these brackets. This blog post is facts, pure and simple facts.

Cannabis is the most widely used drug (illegal) in Britain. It is made from a naturally occurring plant, which contributes to notion of some that it is an entirely harmless drug. The main active chemical in cannabis is commonly known as THC – the ‘proper’ name for this is tetrahydrocannabinol. There is evidence both for and against cannabis being addictive and material surrounding the short and long term effects of cannabis can be rather vague. When cannabis is smoked, and individuals mix it with tobacco, all of the risks associated with smoking are then something which affect the individual. Cannabis is currently a class B drug in the United Kingdom and dependant upon the quantity you are found with possession can result in up to five years in prison, whilst supply of the drug may lead to up to fourteen years along with a fine. If you are found with a small amount of cannabis on your being police can issue a warning or an on the spot fine, which currently stands at £90.

Effects: in general cannabis makes users feel relaxed, chilled out, happy and for many it brings on the feeling of hunger! However it is worth noting here that many users also experience hallucinations (these can range from mild to in some cases rather severe), a feeling of being faint, slightly sick and an alteration to your senses – in some cases serious paranoia may occur. At the time of using cannabis is effects how the brain works.

There are a number of street names, or slang terms, for cannabis and some are dependent upon the strength of the drug but the most common are:

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