Waiting for results and final thoughts…

I started this blog mainly to document the journey through my degree in criminology and psychological studies. I am now in the position of waiting for the results of my final module to come out. They should arrive by December the 5th and it will be the result for the final module, DD307 Social Psychology: critical perspectives of self and others. In theory, I can then enter all of my module results into the degree calculator on the student website and find out the classification of my degree however I think I am going to play it safe and wait until I receive my classification officially! This is most definitely the most nerve-racking wait for a result so far as, providing I receive over 40 for my last exam, that is my degree finished. Over. Done.

It’s such a strange feeling knowing that there is nothing more I can do and it’s now all out of my hands. I thoroughly enjoyed the criminology modules I completed and always felt pretty confident with my work however with both of the psychology modules I had to complete, DSE212 and DD307, I found it impossible to even guess if I was on the right track with essays but even more so with both of the psychology exams. I did in parts really struggle with these modules and I know my final classification won’t be as strong as if I had done solely criminology but nevertheless I have really enjoyed the four years I have spent studying and I feel that the voluntary experience I have gained throughout my degree is just as beneficial if not more so with regards to my career path.

I have learned that with regards to psychology it is criminal psychology I have a passion for rather than psychology as a whole and my interest in criminology has only grown stronger throughout. I am still determined to go on and complete a masters and I now know that I will focus on criminology and criminal justice rather than take psychology to the next level. I do however want to have a break before embarking on another educational journey as I would like to put my knowledge and voluntary experience into practice and hopefully move on and gain employment in an sector I am extremely passionate about.


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