Revision Tip 1

I know for many it’s coming up to the start of the academic year but for those who are, like myself, part of the Open University or another institution who may have exams at differing times I thought it might be helpful to share some ways in which I revise. More so than essay writing I am always keen to hear how other people retain vital exam information as it’s something I find quite unpredictable and I don’t seem to be as consistent as with essay writing. For example, in a previous Open University module, the exam was made up of three essay questions each with the same weighting and I managed to obtain a mark in the 90’s for one part but then much lower marks for the other two.

So with my (hopefully) final undergraduate exam now next month I thought I would share, over a few posts, a couple of ways I revise. I would love to hear in the comments how you best revise.

Flash Cards

Something I have done the whole way throughout my degree is create flash cards. I find these brilliant for remembering definitions, dates etc. and smaller chunks of information. For myself they don’t work if I overload them and try and use them to condense a whole topic or chapter but they are great as small prompts. However I know of people who use them to summarise whole books and it works for them! I *try* and create these as I go throughout the module texts and then use them on a regular basis to recap what I have already gone through. This does mean that by the time revision has come around many may seem quite simple as my knowledge around the topic has been built up but the great thing about hand writing flash cards is you can always add to them. Unfortunately for DD307 I have failed to do this and only really going back through them now!

You can create flash cards on the computer, scrap paper or whatever takes your fancy but I like the thick, large index cards and some good old sharpies!


Remember to let me know your revision tips!


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