Books for the future

Now that the end of my degree is in sight I have shelves full of books, some which I bought at the very beginning of my degree, which I can’t wait to get stuck into and read! I thought I would share a couple of the books I am really keen to read or to have a proper look at. Of course I won’t read all of these cover to cover but I can’t wait to start doing some of my own research and focus on areas I am really interested in.

Drugs and Crime

Two Hours That Shook The World
The Oxford Handbook of Criminology

Criminal Man
Psychology in Prisons
The Lucifer Effect

Addiction is a Choice
I haven’t bought any new books for a while as I really want to start getting through the piles of unread books I have but I am still keen for recommendations! I have a list in my Filofax with books I would like to buy so I am always looking for new titles to add to the list!

I spent two years volunteering for the Witness Service which, if you are unaware, support witnesses on their day in court and when 1pm on the 8th October rolls around and I have finished my degree I am eager to understand and develop my understanding of the criminal justice system so if anyone has any books, journals etc. they can recommend I would be ever so grateful.


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