DD307 – Social Psychology, Week 23

It’s actually very nice only working on only one module! As I overlapped DSE212 and DD307 I often felt overwhelemed with the workload and wasn’t able to do much, if any, of the additional reading etc. Now that I have my DSE212 results I can concentrate fully on DD307.

This weeks is timetabled to be assignment week to work on TMA 05. I am a little behind on the reading so still catching up but we do have until the 7th of August to submit this essay. I am working towards a personal deadline of a week on Friday to have this essay complete.

This is the first TMA of the module I have actually been excited for when I looked at the essay question:

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a discursive approach to studying obedience. Make reference to agency and power in your answer.
Word limit: 2000

I am really enjoying the reading for this essay, particularly the comparison between Stanley Milgram’s infamous work and Stephen Gibson’s more recent work analysing tape recordings taken at the time of Milgram’s experiments.

What’s everyone else working towards at the moment?


2 thoughts on “DD307 – Social Psychology, Week 23

  1. Hi Sophie,
    Good to know you’re enjoying the remainder of DD307. I’m really looking forward to starting that course in October. I enjoyed reading about Milgram in earlier psychology modules so it will be good to revisit his work.
    I’ve just returned from the residential week for DD303 and am starting to write up the experiment I worked on. It’s all about how witness credibility can impact the misinformation effect.
    Have fun!

    1. That sounds fascinating! I won’t be studying DD303 as I’m not on the straight psychology pathway. Hope you enjoyed the residential!

      I’ve found a lot of the reading for DD307 really engaging but up until now the TMA’s haven’t been based on the parts I have enjoyed – typical!

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