Results are in…

So today I received my results for DSE212 – a week early. I do find the grading of the OU slightly difficult to get my head around in that not every module counts and others count in different ways etc. Level 1 courses do not go towards the final classification of your degree providing you pass, so in theory weather you get a 41 or a 95 it is irrelevant. However level 2’s go some way towards the final classification and level 3’s count considerably (from what I gather!) So far I have received grade 2 passes for every module I have completed, which is the equivalent to a 2:1 however when I logged on to my student homepage to retrieve my results I found I had been awarded a grade 4 pass, equivalent to a third. With regards to my essays I achieved;
70, 75, 72, 72, 83 and 93
However my exam was graded at 51 which, due to the weighting of the exam, has taken me down to a third. I feel disappointed at myself however I worked as hard as I could when it came to revision considering I am also studying towards DD307 and working. If I do well at DD307 I could still be on track however I now feel a considerable amount of pressure. DD307 is the first module I have seriously struggled with, and according to forums and Facebook groups I’m not the only one! I haven’t scored too highly on my TMA’s in DD307 so far and I’m trying not to panic now! I think it may be sensible to continue working on the essays in the same way but start thinking about beginning revision now.
I do feel as though Open University exam’s shouldn’t be so highly weighted towards your final grade as many people use the OU as they have many other commitments, I haven’t found the same support is offered for exams with the OU as it is to students studying at a brick uni.

Anyway this has turned into a pretty long post about nothing! I just wanted to share with you my results and hope that others who may be studying DSE212 in the future will be able to learn from my mistakes and focus on revision earlier that is timetabled!

For anyone who had received results or will be soon well done and good luck 🙂


2 thoughts on “Results are in…

  1. Hi!
    Just had my DSE212 results back as well and my scores are identical to yours! I’m a little pissed off too! Just means I have to work extra hard in my other modules to get the 2:1 that I want. Hope you don’t feel too down about it! Good luck with your next modules

    Meg x

    1. It’s frustrating isn’t it! It’s the one aspect of OU study which I don’t agree with. If we were at a brick uni we would get mock exams and much more support when it comes to exam time. Feeling a little better about it now and like you just trying to work extra hard to get the mark I would like!

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