DD307 project

DD307 Book 1
So I have now completed and submitted my ‘project’ for DD307, which is pretty heftily weighted and goes alongside my overall TMA score and my final exam score in order to determine my final module grade. I must admit I thought that this would be favourite part of the module as I thoroughly enjoyed the choice and flexibility which was involved with the DD301, Crime and Justice, project. However this wasn’t the case! I found the time between TMA 03, the project proposal, and the time allowed for completing the project, TMA 04, just wasn’t suffice! This project was different to DD301 in the sense that we had to complete and analyse our own interviews which we had to record and transcribe (such a lengthy process!) and complete a report in a pretty standard format:

Background and Research Question

When we submitted our proposal we had to choose an approach to adopt. The choices were;
Discursive Psychology
Social Psychoanalytic
I decided to adopt a discursive psychological approach as this fitted with my research question. I enjoyed finding out more about this approach and it was an interest process however I don’t feel I have benefited a great deal of psychological knowledge from doing this project. For DD301 I focussed on mass incarceration and I still now feel as though I gained a deeper insight into my chosen topic. This project had a different focus and it was placed on the the approach taken and the process in which you undertook in order to achieve your research along with how you analyse your data in accordance with your perspective. I understand that, as a social psychology module, this is the focus but I would have loved to be able to investigate a topic in greater depth and I didn’t feel as though there was the time or scope to do this with this project.

I would advise anyone who will be doing DD307 in the future to take their time with the project and get started as early as possible as it does contribute towards 30% of your final grade so is heavily weighted in comparison to standard TMA’s. I didn’t find that following the time set out was enough and would advise people to get a head start. Also take time to choose an area to research as even now I am not sure that I choose a topic to best understand my approach. Once I have received my marks and feedback I will do another post which should hopefully provide some more advice for future DD307’ers!


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