It’s over and I survived!!
On Tuesday 3rd June at 1pm I officially finished DSE212, the penultimate module for my degree. I want to say good luck to everyone with upcoming exams and well done to everyone who may have recently had an exam!
I found DSE212 to be a pretty challenging exam, and there was A LOT to revise. I would recommend starting early for anyone who will be completing it as part of their degree (no matter what your tutor says!) The exam was composed of three parts;
-A list of 8 key terms and you had to write a paragraph on 5 of the 8 (there was 45 to revise so pretty tricky) I was confident with 4 of them but my fifth choice ended up being a sentence long!
-Next was 2 essays, with 45 minutes for each. I chose the cognitive approach to learning option and comparing the psychoanalytic and humanistic perspectives approach to change.
-The final part was another 45 minute essay with a choice of a question from each chapter in the final module text book. I struggled with this section and went for the lifespan development option but I have no idea how I managed with it and feel as though this may be the section which has let me down.

It’s a pretty short wait this year until results are out on 14th of July so I have everything crossed. I am extremely happy and proud of my TMA results for this module but unfortunately due to the weighting of the exam it could bring me down grade boundaries pretty easily if I don’t do so well in the exam! It is all over now and I am going to enjoy finishing off my final module, DD307 in a less stressful manor! Due to overlapping the two modules, which are both pretty demanding, my marks for DD307 haven’t been as good as I would like so I am hoping I have time to pull it round!


2 thoughts on “Hooray!!

  1. Well done Sophie!! I bet that is a bid load off your mind having finished DSE212. As you say, you can concentrate on DD307 now ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the rest of your studies, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

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