The End is in Sight, DSE212

This happens every module but I can’t quite believe that I am finishing the reading and beginning to put together a plan for the final TMA of DSE212…’s scary! When I first started DSE212 I was rather apprehensive. I think mainly this was due to the fact that I had only previously completed criminology related modules and I was leaving this all behind to begin the psychology element to my degree. My nerves increased at my first tutorial as I was the only student who wasn’t going down the straight psychology route and so the only one who hadn’t completed level 1 and level 2 psychology modules. I remember looking through all of the module texts and purchasing some past papers and feeling as though much of it was in a foreign language! But week by week, following the study planner, things began to make more sense and I managed to achieve the highest mark of my degree yet with my past DSE212 TMA, with 93! This last essay is all about nature v nurture and something I am interested in but I also feel a little scared that this is the last piece of work to be handed in before the exam. I am nervous about the exam but I am going to create a revision timetable and try and use my time left as effectively as possible.
So which modules are people finishing and what’s next on the agenda?


3 thoughts on “The End is in Sight, DSE212

  1. Im just about to finish DD101 which has been…. interesting lol.

    Come November i will be starting DE100 – Investigating Psychology and ED209 – Child Development. It is going to be interesting fitting 2 modules in along with my weekly volunteering at Childline and being a dad/husband lol.

    Oh well no one said it was going to be easy πŸ™‚

  2. Studying DSE212 too as part of Psych degree. Just sat down to do it but some serious procrastination going on. Nervous for exam too but hopefully will get essay out of the way today then can knuckle down to some (very) serious revision πŸ™‚

    1. How did you find TMA 06? For me it was one of the better ones (although I should wait until I get my mark back before saying that!) Feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount we have to revise x

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