Barter Books Book Haul

I popped up to Barter books this morning as I had come across some old books which I no longer wanted whilst moving and thought I would see if there was anything of interest I could pick up in return. I ended up choosing a couple of books which I am hoping to get stuck into once I complete my degree. I am really keen to gain a better understanding of UK criminal law and drug and alcohol issues when I finish my degree and luckily found some perfect books! The quality, like any other second hand book shop, varies however today I was lucky and all but one of the books are in fantastic condition!

The first book I picked up is for a bit of light reading! I have a few other books I would like to get through before this but I’m always up for a new book so couldn’t resist! The book is by John Blake publishing and written by Kate Kray and is a very brief look at ‘the truth about the toughest men in the world.’


I was very pleased to come across Michael Allen’s textbook on Criminal Law. Although it isn’t the most recent edition it is still very relevant and, unlike many second hand textbooks, there is no scribbles or highlighting in it which is a huge bonus!


The next book I saw is by Max Cruickshank and although it is aimed at parents it acts a great basic books outlining all the basic information you need to know about smoking, alcohol and drugs including information about policy, mental health, recovery information and a great fact and myth section. Some of the information in here is very basic but for anyone interested in the field who is looking for a jargon free book to start off with, or indeed parents who are after a guide I would really recommend this.


I’m always a little put of by text books which aren’t UK focused unless I am looking at a subject in great depth however I had heard about ‘Addiction is a Choice’ written by Jeffrey A. Schaler with many people either strongly agreeing or strongly disagreeing with the content. I really enjoy challenging my views and like having a book which doesn’t necessarily fit with my feelings on a subject. This books seems as though it may just do that! Although I won’t get round to reading it cover to cover for a while I will definitely discuss my thoughts on here – maybe even before I finish as it is split into sections which may possibly be able to be read in no specific order. I would love to hear from anyone who has read this book!


The last two books come from a series which I wasn’t aware of. In the series there is;
This is Alcohol
This is Cocaine
This is Heroin
This is Nicotine
This is Ecstasy
This is Cannabis
I managed to get my hands on This is Alcohol by Nick Brownlee and This is Cocaine by Nick Constable. They are published by Sanctuary Publishing and focus on a variety of issues surrounding the drug from culture to history, health, money and more and seem to be pretty informative for short books.


All in all a very successful trip!


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