A Social Psychology Book Recommendation

When I began DSE212 and DD307, the two compulsory psychology modules for my degree, I purchased a number of the recommended books as in comparison to my criminology book collection, my psychology shelf was rather bare! I tried to purchase books covering topics I had a greater interest as they would also come in use in the future, however often until you get your hands on the book you don’t know just how suitable it will be. Luckily all of the books I purchased have come in handy, needless to say some have been a great deal more useful than others. However there is one stand out book for me which has come in handy throughout all of DD307 so far. It is social psychology specific and hasn’t been suitable for DSE212 but I knew that before purchasing. The book in question is Social Psychology, Experimental and Critical Approaches by Wendy Stainton Rogers.


This book covers all areas of DD307 and often has made specific ideas or topics much more digestible than the module text books! I have not, and most likely will not, be reading this book cover to cover but it’s so easy to flick to the section needed and study specific chunks or chapters! It includes a helpful glossary which gives a succinct definition of most of the social psychology related words you need. At the end of every chapter there is a further reading list along with a list of thought provoking questions which are really interesting.


I purchased this book second hand and I would most definitely recommended anyone who is doing DD307, or another social psychology related course to get a copy of this book!


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