DSE212 & DD307 update

The time seems to be flying over and workload wise things are crazy at the moment. I am now up to TMA05 with DSE212 which is a 2500 word qualitative report. *So far* I am finding it a great deal more enjoyable than the quantitative report we had a while back, which I really struggled with, however I much prefer debates and essay writing to reports! It’s due in on 23rd of April, so next Wednesday, and my plan is to focus solely on this until then and then move on the the project proposal for DD307 due in 15th May. Trying to split my time between the two gets extremely confusing and I find it easier to focus on one then the other.
The DSE212 report is so so and I am not overly excited about it but so far I feel it is going well. I am however really looking forward to getting stuck into the project proposal for DD307 and the actual project (which I think follows!) I have only started jotting down some thoughts for the proposal and read through the project booklet as from next Wednesday this will be my focus. DD307 is a minefield and although module material wise there is only 2 small text books, there is so much information contained within! I am still waiting to hear back from my tutor with some queries I had as there is so much to the proposal but if all goes well I am hoping to bring a criminological element to it!
My biggest concern at the moment is that added into the mix will be revision for the DSE212 exam in June, I started off preparing for the exam early on as alongside standard revision there is 45 key terms to learn however due to other commitments I haven’t done anything revision wise since before Christmas! Once the exam is over I can be fully dedicated to DD307 which *should* make a huge difference!

How is everyone else getting on?


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