I wanted to share my diary with you as it’s something I couldn’t be without. As I work part time, in the final year of my degree, volunteer, have a dog and a horse, a baby on the way as well as the rest of life’s commitments I sometimes find it difficult to keep track of things as I rarely do the same thing on the same day each week. Writing things down works so much better for me than setting reminders or using the calendar on my phone. Not only does it help me remember but I would choose books or handwritten things everyday over gadgets! My diary of choice is a Filofax and I am now on to my second. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but I like the fact that you can customise them to contain anything and everything to fit your life perfectly! I keep so much information in my Filofax I would be lost without it!

20140411094008744 (1)

From front to back I have:
Week by Week diary
Volunteering notes
Degree notes
Shopping lists
To Do lists
Address book
Plain paper


My latest Filofax is only around 2 months old and so I may still play around with the order and most likely will add sections to it. Both of my Filofax’s have been the Finsbury Personal’s and I have found them to be fantastic and well worth the money! Although my old Filofax is looking a little tatty it is years old and is still in perfectly good working order and so I am thinking of what I could use it for – I may well just end up using it as a very nice notebook! For anyone thinking about getting a Filofax if you think you will use it a lot I would recommend a darker colour as my original Filofax in pink doesn’t clean up as well as darker colours.


I find it brilliant for university work as not only do I have TMA and exam dates in the diary section I have a section dedicated purely to study and can jot things down which come to mind whilst I am out and about and I know nothing will end up getting misplaced.


I LOVE stationary and organisation so would love to hear how you keep organised!


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