New beginnings

I just wanted to share a little update as my blog posts may be few and far between over the next couple of weeks.
photo (93)
Is manic! Doing two demanding modules alongside each other is certainty hard work, with the end of my degree in sight I hope I can manage to keep going. So far *touch wood* I haven’t noticed a huge decrease in marks, maybe 3 or 4 marks per TMA but still remaining within the same overall grade bracket so I am pleased about that.

Unfortunately I am no longer volunteering as a drug and alcohol recovery group facilitator. With everything else going on at the moment I was conscious that I would start to do a shoddy job! I would much rather give my all to one voluntary position than two so I am now just volunteering as a mentor to male offenders upon release from HMP Durham. Although I loved my time volunteering for an addiction charity I was newer to the organisation and had much further to travel with less flexibility. I am hoping to keep in touch with everyone I have met with the possibility of getting involved again in the future.
With regards to my mentoring, I am currently working with one guy who is progressing very well and we meet up on a weekly basis.

I have just moved house, which may explain the lack of blog posts as I had no internet for a while and I still don’t have my desk and computer all set up! I have been spending my time trying to get small sections of uni reading done in-between packing and unpacking boxes! And this is just a temporary move so I could be going through it all again in 8-14 months time *shudder*!
On a brighter note I am 4 months pregnant and very excited!

I am hoping to get some time to blog about something a little more interesting than myself soon!


3 thoughts on “New beginnings

    1. I have just started a new book, ‘why charming men make dangerous lovers’ really enjoying it so far but the work load for DSE212 and DD307 is crazy! I can’t believe how much reading there is for it! What are you reading at the mo?

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