30 – Second Psychology

30 Second Psych
If you have read the last few posts from myself it may come across that I have it in for psychology to a degree! That isn’t the case I am just struggling a little as I don’t have the same passion for it that I do for criminology. However there are certain aspects of psychology (particularly criminal psychology) that I do have a real interest in. When I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the work for both DSE212, Exploring Psychology and DD307, Social psychology – critical perspectives on self and others I tend to take a bit f a break and flick through some of the psychology books I have which I purchased for my own pleasure. Although it doesn’t change that I am having to cover certain areas I don’t connect to well with I do find that it gives me some inspiration and motivation to get through each piece of work I am focussing on. One of these books is ’30 – Second Psychology, The 50 most thought-provoking psychology theories, each explained in half a minute’ which is edited by Christian Jarrett. I personally find this a beautiful book and if I didn’t have a labrador who chews books, I would love to have it as a coffee table book as it is the perfect book to flick through at leisure. The book has a rustic brown cover and is brightly and well illustrated and is split into seven sections;

Old School, New School
Growth & Change
Decision Making & Emotions
Social Psychology
Ways We Differ
Disordered Minds
Thoughts & Language

30 Second Psych 2

I have a number of other psychology books which I love looking through and reading small sections however this book in particular really gives me inspiration when I need it.

30 Second Psych 1

Happy reading everyone 🙂


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