Where do I go next?

After every TMA I now submit I can’t help but think that I am one step closer to completing my degree in October 2014. My main reason for embarking on a criminology and psychological studies degree was for career purposes. There is no ‘one job’ that I am aiming for, but I want to be in the field of offending, drug and alcohol support, or homelessness so this degree seemed perfect for me. Although it is possible to get into some of these jobs without a degree I wanted to not only have the practical experience I have gained through volunteering and work but I wanted the knowledge too as I find criminology fascinating. I am hoping to use my degree and the voluntary work I have done with Victim Support, mentoring ex-offenders and facilitating a drug and alcohol support group along with my paid employment working for a social enterprise will help in getting me into this work once my degree is complete. I don’t want to just stop there as I am passionate about criminology as a whole and I most definitely want to go on to some further study – this is the difficult part! There are a number of areas I would love to study further but how on earth do you decide?! My original plans were to do a Masters however I am now wondering if a shorter course would be more beneficial as I am so unsure as to which direction to focus on and I enjoy my voluntary work more than my degree now!

Areas of interest to myself are:
High Risk Offenders
Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Criminal Law
UK Prison System
The Criminal Justice System
Mental Health

Life after a degree

I have tried and tried but can’t seem to put theses in any sort of order. I was involved in a suicide prevention training course and that became my number one and then I flick through the array of criminal law books I have and that takes over! Whatever I decide I will be going into part time study of some sort as my degree has been the priority for a while now and although I love studying I would like it to take a bit of a back seat and not be so full on!

I would love to hear what others have done after their degree or what you are planning to do!


2 thoughts on “Where do I go next?

  1. Im a long way off from finishing my degree but i would love to work with children who commit serious crimes. Helping the children to become rehabilitated and to perhaps study the nature vs nurture link to criminal behaviour further.

    I am currently in the process of volunteering in Childline to gain some experience.

    But as i said i have 5 modules left to go, then a masters and a Phd to do first lol

    1. Sounds really interesting! I want to keep on with studying after my degree but I am ready to get stuck into something I love so hesitant to jump straight into a masters. Hey 5 modules go by quicker than you think!

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