DD307 Update

DD307 – Social psychology: critical perspectives on self and others
Since January 25th 2014 I am officially doing two Open University modules and DD307 is the final module of my degree – eek! I have just submitted the first TMA (tutor marked assignment) so I thought now would be an ideal time to share my first thoughts about the module. The study planner is set out slightly different than all of my previous modules, generally there is a week by week guide as to what reading, activities etc. are advised to do however DD307 comes in blocks. For each block, which cover 2-3 weeks, they have the chapters of books, video clips and anything else recommend to do so better planning and time management is needed! I don’t mind this so much but I have had to double (and triple check) in places that I haven’t missed anything. Just like DSE212 the reading is heavy going, it covers a lot of ground and is extremely fast paced. With regards to what is actually studied I am enjoyed the social psychology topics more than the topics covered in DSE212. DD307 is focussed around 4 perspectives and 4 interrogative themes. We haven’t been introduced to these fully however I do get the feeling that understanding and involving these in essays is the way to score the better marks!.

Cognitive Social
Social Psychoanalytic
Discursive Psychological

Interrogative Themes
Power Relations
Situated Knowledge
Individual Society Dualism
Agency-Structure Dualism

DD307 Book 1

The first TMA due was all about crowds, anonymity and theories of crowd behaviour. I really enjoyed the reading and the putting together of this TMA as to me it was relatable, current and thought provoking. Some of the reading focussed on the 2011 London riots and the mass protests in Tahir Square, Egypt in 2011.
I’m always nervous about submitting the first TMA on a new module as I have no idea what to expect marks wise – I will however let you know how I get on! (fingers crossed)

If I wasn’t overlapping this module with DSE212 I would love to spend more time reading a number of books from the further reading list as I am finding the areas covered fascinating and relevant.

I would love to hear from anyone who has, will be or is thinking about studying DD307 as from much of what I have read online it seems to be a very marmite module!
Sophie 🙂


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