DSE212 Update

I haven’t posted on here for a while and I suppose this post may explain why! After being pleased with my first two results for DSE212 75 and 83 I knew that next on the agenda was tackling a quantitative report. I hate working with numbers and report writing is most definitely not my forte so I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit. We were provided with a set of pre collected data and instructions as to how to undertake the experiment, focusing on the Stroop effect, and then asked to repeat this experiment on four people we know. We then had to add the data to the pre collected stuff and input in all into SPSS, a statistical software package *shudder*! Supposedly this was pretty straightforward and SPSS was assumed to calculate three values which we then needed to analyse, the t, p and d value – also known as effect size. However the preparation for this report was spread over two textbooks, an online booklet and a number of help sheets which ended up becoming extremely confusing and, although possibly it was just me, making it very difficult to interpret the data. There was also a couple of equations which needed to be calculated by hand, such as finding the mean and standard deviation.


Knowing I had to embark on this, for the first time this year I ended up putting it off a little. The reading for it was fine, and some of it was actually rather interesting however I find it very difficult to get my head around numbers, data etc. and as mentioned I much prefer essay writing than reports – I like having an opinion and creating arguments! I finally managed to upload SPSS to my laptop and had a play around entering some example data and then my laptop died….I was lucky enough to get a replacement computer (and a very snazzy one at that) but would SPSS work, no!! So I contacted the technical support team and got in touch with my tutor and couldn’t work out weather SPSS wasn’t compatible with my computer or if it was having problems as I had previously installed it. This of course set me back even further and I finally managed to install it on my mum’s computer – which then mean’t I could only use her laptop to do all of the SPSS work. By this point if I handed in an essay it wouldn’t have even scraped a pass and so for the first time throughout my Open University career I asked for an extension!

To cut a long story short I have just submitted and feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Although I am overlapping with DD307, another psychology module, there is no more need (as far as I can tell) for SPSS!


I am happier with my report than I thought I would be but unfortunately it is no where near the standard as my other essays. In an ideal world I would get a 60 however I feel low 50’s may be the case! For me this has been such a learning curve – and I haven’t necessarily learn’t anything psychology related from it! Although the next essay is an actual essay the choice of title’s don’t draw me in and I have no real passion for the specific areas of psychology! It has however confirmed to me that I do not enjoy psychology as a whole and I definitely have my favourite areas of the subject. I now know that any further study will definitely go down the criminology route and I feel I may be leaving psychology behind me. It is definitely something I would enjoy researching at my own pace and not being dictated to as to which areas to study and write about.

Onwards and upwards!


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