It’s over

Week 12, DSE212
And so the two week timetabled Christmas break for DSE212 is over. I have had such a lovely relaxing time having put all my university books away and I have well and truly recharged my batteries and so over the past two days I have been raring to go with some more TMA prep and the set reading and activities. There is a substantial amount to read this week, three chapters to be precise! The first text to read is Chapter 6 of book two, ‘Perception and attention’ and I it is my favourite chapter to date! I have skim-read this chapter and I am now some way through with through my close read and note taking.

I think I mentioned that I finally got a desktop computer and I find I am so much more productive however as of yet I haven’t installed the SPSS software and we have some more work to do on getting to grips with the package this week so fingers crossed I have no issues getting it installed.

Seems like this week will be pretty heavy going reading wise, not ideal as I have a number of work and voluntary commitments but hopefully my interest in perception and attention won’t make it so difficult! However there isn’t as many additional activities and so the work book study and the DVD clip shouldn’t take too long to power through.

TMA wise our next essay is due in on January 15th. I have my first draft down along with a number of ideas and questions for myself and have thoroughly enjoyed it! We had the option to go with a question regarding evolutionary psychology or biological psychology – I chose the EP option and so the question which needs to be answered is;

‘What do psychologists mean by ‘theory of mind’? Discuss the claim that theory of mind is an evolved adaptation.’

There is a second part to TMA 02, methods exercises, which involves answering two questions to test out understanding of correlational studies and scatterplots.

I am thinking about posting my essay once I have completed it as I am really enjoying writing it and surprised myself at how much I have enjoyed EP. It fills me with excitement to finally be able to say that this year, 2014, I will finish my undergraduate degree in criminology and psychological studies!

Sophie 🙂


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