I wanted to share this amazing book with you. For me, the best way to describe it is as a coffee table book. I would LOVE to have this displayed on a table in my living room just to flick through every now and again, however if I did this within a day it would be eaten by my dog. Faces is described as a ‘photographic journey through the underworld’ and it is just that.
Produced by Brian Anderson, a photographer and Bernard O’Mahoney, someone who was involved with the infamous ‘Essex boys’ but turned to writing and now has a number of books published, Faces if full of black and white photographs of some of the UK’s most notorious faces from the criminal underworld.
The photographs are staged but nevertheless they capture every emotion from laughter to sadness to grief, betrayal, friendship, desperation right through to poverty and hardship. Faces takes you through different cities throughout Scotland, England and Wales and alongside number of the photographs are short pieces of text – something I think really adds to this book.
I’m not sure if describing it as a book does it justice, for me it’s something for true crime fans to browse through allowing you to put faces to names. I haven’t come across anything like this for the particular field I am interested and I am very pleased I purchased this, despite it being a little pricey. I got Faces for my birthday in August and I will say that it was pretty hard to get hold of a number of large chain bookstores said they no longer stocked it and there were issues with the website which it could be purchased from. However it now seems to be readily available from http://bernardomahoney.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=34 and I imagine from Amazon or Ebay.

Just to demonstrate the size of the book.

I haven’t heard many people talking about Faces and would be really keen to hear peoples opinions!
p.s – Happy December!


2 thoughts on “Faces

  1. Thank you for sharing this book! I’m going to have to ask for it for Christmas now!! I, also, am a criminology student and one of my favourite things about studying crime and criminals so intensly is the way it humanises ‘criminals’ and makes you realise that they are people, just like any body else, and that the majority of them make a series of bad decisions. I love anything that showcases the ‘criminal’ as an actual human and this book looks amazing for that!! x

    1. Understanding why and what causes people to become involved in crime is fascinating isn’t it?! I found Faces really helped me ‘connect’ and visualise when reading about certain people and events. Let me know if you end up getting it!
      Sophie 🙂 x

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