I Got More Books…

I picked up a couple more second hand books recently, one of which I have been after for a long time and I am very happy I now have a copy of this! Without further ado the books are:

Terrorism Studies, A Reader – John Horgan and Kurt Braddock

Contemporary Debates on Terrorism – Richard Jackson and Samuel Justin Sinclair

The Oxford Handbook of Criminology – Mike Maguire, Rod Morgan and Robert Reiner

A Fair Cop – Michael Bunting

Blood on The Streets, A-Z of Glasgow Crime – Robert Jeffrey



I have been after the Oxford Handbook of Criminology for a while now and it has been highly recomended and has some great online reviews however as I have a number of ‘general’ criminology books I was holding out to find a second hand copy of it as new it is quite pricey so I am very pleased to have found it!



Terrorism is a subject I have been interested in for a while however I know very little about it, the two books I picked up seen like great introductions. Lot’s of easy to read small chunks of content which look as though you can read in any order (I’m not planning on reading these cover to cover anytime soon!)

Overall a very successful shopping trip


As always I am keen to hear anyone’s opinions, recommendations etc. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I Got More Books…

  1. As I write this I can see my copy of the Oxford Handbook out the corner of my eye.
    Have you started reading ‘A Fair Cop’ yet?
    I stumbled across it during Uni while looking for Criminology ebooks, very interesting and thought provoking book.

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