DD307….It’s here!

The materials for DD307 Social Psychology: critical perspectives on self and others, were due to be dispatched on 15th of November and so, as mentioned in a previous post, I hadn’t been paying too much attention to getting ahead with this particular module. I am a member of the DD307 Facebook groups and noticed someone had posted saying they had received their materials – I had a slight feeling of jealousy – and so I checked my homepage and noticed they have been mailed on 8th of November and to allow 10 working days for the arrival! To my delight I now have them in my possession!


The nerves are kicking in, I am slightly worried as to how I am going to cope overlapping two, pretty heavy going, modules. However I am determined I am going to see it through and to the best of my ability, I am thoroughly enjoying the psychology aspect of my degree and knowing the finish line is in sight (October 2014) I am hoping that it will be enough to get me through the manic times ahead. I suppose a major concern for me is allowing enough time for revision as I don’t want to let my marks slips as I haven’t had enough time to prep.


When I first received the box my initial thought was that it was smaller and lighter than any of my previous five OU parcels, once opened I realised it was because we only have two (very thin) textbooks. I am disappointed that we don’t have a physical copy of the DVD and that this will just be accessed through the module website, although I am aware that keeping in line with brick universities paper based resources are being cut and much of the material is now online – such a shame in my opinion.
Aesthetically the books are the nicest I have had from the OU, they are fantastic! Book 1, Social Psychology Matters, is slightly larger than book 2, Critical Readings in Social Psychology and I have already noticed the distinct lack of pictures!
The topics covered seem very exciting and thought provoking and overall I am very much looking forward to diving straight in!

Book 1 covers:

Social Psychology: Past and Present
Methods and Knowledge in Social Psychology
Prejudice, conflict and conflict resolution
Conclusion: Social Psychology Matters


Book 2 covers:

Close Relationships
Individual Differences
The Fundamental Attribution Error
Group Processes: Social Identity Theory
Bystander Intervention


*I should note the official start date for this module is 25th January 2014*
Sophie 🙂


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