DD307 Social Psychology Woes

DD307 Social psychology: critical perspectives on self and others
With all the excitement and busyness of starting DSE212 in October I didn’t pay too much attention to the final module of my degree which I am starting in January 2014. This summer I purchased 2 or 3 of the books from the further reading list however I will admit that apart from flicking through every now and again I haven’t actually looked at them! This morning I checked the DD307 module homepage and noticed that the materials are due to be dispatched on the 15th of this month! Finding this out spurred me on to check on Facebook as there are some brilliant Open University support groups on there and I joined 2013’s group, so I can find out what I am letting myself in for, as well as the one for January 2014 starters. I find that when module material hasn’t arrived and you look at blogs, groups or reviews it sends you into a bit of a panic as nothing quite makes sense and I found this was most definitely the case for DD307! I am trying to remain calm as before I started DSE212 I thought that from the get go I would really struggle however *so far* I have coped well and I am enjoying all the material and so I hope DD307 will be the same.


Some of the topics covered in DD307 are crowds, emotions, conflict, relationships, the body, personality, obedience and group processes. The module is based around 2 online videos and 2 main text books, an improvement on DSE212!! There is also 6 TMAs(tutor marked assignments) and finally an exam.

I will be posting regular updates of both DSE212 and DD307 and sharing my thoughts along the way!



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