My initial thoughts – DSE212

I am now into week 4 of DSE212, the penultimate Open University module before I complete my degree. I thought that once a month or so I would post a short summary of what’s been going on with DSE212 and how I have been getting on with it including any worries or concerns I have.
I am now 13 days away from the deadline for TMA 01 and surprisingly feeling quite confident! The set reading has been a chapter from the first core text book ‘Mapping Psychology’ and a chapter from ‘Exploring Psychological Research Methods’ both of which I found pretty pleasant. Alongside the reading there are online activities and a workbook to complete which focus on refining certain elements of the text books and supporting you with academic skills such as essay writing and referencing etc. There was also a video clip to accompany the reading ‘Milgram experiments’ which was a brief summary of Stanley Milgram’s infamous electric shock experiment.

The focus up until submission of TMA 01 is ‘identity’ and when looking at the list of other aspects of psychology DSE212 covers such as, evolution, psychoanalytic and humanistic perspectives and sex and gender, I thought that identity would be near to the bottom of my list of excitement! However I have thoroughly enjoyed my first four weeks and the discussion of identity and diversity which I think has been helped by attending both tutorials and being able to discuss this particular area of psychology with my tutor and tutorial group.


This is my fourth year of Open University study and this has been the best tutor group I have been allocated to date. I have found, which may be to do with the modules, that the people I met whilst doing the criminology modules were studying mainly for pleasure and not everyone was as focused on producing the best work possible. However those who I have met in my tutor group and on the online forums this module are predominately doing the straight psychology degree and a great deal more are completing for career purposes which, in my opinion, has lead to more diverse and in depth discussion and I have enjoyed listening to the views and knowledge shared by other students.


So, I am all up to date with the reading and activities and I am now working on TMA 01 which is split into two parts.
Part 1 is a 1000 word essay which involves describing the similarities and differences between Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory of identity and Henri Tajfel’s social identity theory.
Part 2 of the essay involves answering 3 short questions on ethics in psychological research.

Although only on my first draft my initial concern is that I will struggle with the low word count and know I need to be extremely critical with regards to my content.


I will most likely post the results and a few comments once I have received my mark for TMA 01 (if I am not too traumatised!)
Best of luck to anyone else who is busy writing essays!



3 thoughts on “My initial thoughts – DSE212

  1. That looks like a really interesting module, DD101 is getting a little bit more interesting with lots of theory’s on consumerism ect. Looking forward to actually doing some psychology soon lol.

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