Blogging lull & final year chat

It’s been a number of weeks since I last posted on here, not for any particular reason other than I haven’t been inspired enough by something to dedicate a post to it and I have been getting stuck into the DSE212 material – which I am loving!
I am heading into the 2nd ‘official’ week of the final year of my degree and I am strangely enjoying the psychology side of my degree much more than I originally thought. I chose to do the criminology and psychological studies degree for a number of reasons, which I have discussed in an earlier post, however one of the main reasons is that I am fascinated and intrigued by what causes people to offend. I had been made aware by other students who had completed the relevant psychology modules that they didn’t focus on crime and although I was still looking forward to finding out more about ‘people’ I thought that I would not enjoy the 2 compulsory modules as much as the criminology based modules. Although only 2 weeks in I have spent a little while over the summer getting familiar with psychology and different topics covered in the course and I am hooked! So much so that I am re-thinking what to study upon completion of my degree. I will be posting regularly about my journey through DSE212, Exploring Psychology and DD307, Social Psychology: critical perspectives on self and others.

Besides my studies I have been continuing with my voluntary work and still very passionate about the 2 organisations I volunteer for and I have taken on a few extra hours at work – the extra money has come in very handy!


Now that the colder weather is upon is it means that my day starts earlier as Reuben, my horse, comes into his stable overnight and goes out into the field through the day and so I have to be up bright and early to fit in all my stable jobs and walking the dog in order to get out the door on time in the mornings! I have around 10 days left before it’s time for him to come in so I am making the most of the extra half an hour or so in bed!


Rolo is now 9 months old and still cheeky as ever, 90% of the time he is fantastic and is really settled in his routine however every now and again he goes through teenage strops and decides that he knows best. During this time he has been known to run away to the local fish & chip shop, eat my USB stick, a Chinese takeaway, a doughnut from a burger van stand along with an entire leather collar and then wakes up at 3am crying! He really is the chocolate version of Marley from ‘Marley & Me’ but I wouldn’t change him for the world!

I also bought my first 2013 Christmas item and it really shows where my priorities lie,
Update over and I am going to get back to studying – I attended my first tutorial of the year yesterday and I always get really inspired to go home and start working on some essays!
Thanks for reading, Sophie 🙂


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