A Criminology Student Must…

I have now completed all of the criminology modules for my undergraduate degree and thought that it may be interesting, and helpful for some, to share a staple book which I found to be of great help throughout these modules. I found that along with the set module texts and further reading this was the only ‘general’ criminology book necessary – although being a book addict I did have more than this! I then purchased books in areas I found particularly interesting and areas which had a lot of emphasis in the modules.

Unfortunately I no longer have a physical copy of this book as a friend kindly allowed me to use hers whilst studying these modules however I would advise anyone studying criminology at undergraduate level (or anyone relatively new to the subject) to purchase a copy of this book as soon as possible. Tim Newburn’s ‘Criminology’ condenses such a vast amount of information and covers such a broad spectrum of relevant topics in a clear, concise and manageable way. Throughout all of these modules, which I spread over 3 years, I didn’t come across anything which hadn’t had at least a paragraph or two devoted to in Tim Newburn’s book. It acted as a fantastic reference book for me throughout as I would seek out the sections relevant to the particular essay or discussion, get a good idea of what was involved and was then able to go on and look at resources which included more in depth information.
Of course covering so many topics there were parts which I would have liked to have been more detailed but it does provide you with enough to get a basic but firm understanding of the particular area of study which then allows you to move on to academic texts with a better understanding.
It is a very large (and heavy!) text book and so not suitable for easy transportation however I kept it on my desk throughout and it was generally the first book I checked when delving into a new subject area. I had the 2007 edition of this book and found no issues with this and so if someone was hoping to save a little bit of money purchasing a second hand copy of the earlier edition may be an option. I have included a link below to the most recent version on amazon,

Most of my criminology books are back on the bookshelf as I now have my desk littered with psychology texts for the final year of my criminology and psychological studies degree. Below I have included some pictures of my favourite books which I used at some point throughout completing my criminology modules and have returned to since.





Thanks for reading, Sophie 🙂


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