Easy Introductions

Since finishing DD301, Crime and Justice I have (as mentioned numerous times on here) been missing studying. Largely because I really enjoy my degree but also with excitement as I know come October it is the final year of my degree. I planned to prepare for my final year, which is solely psychology based, by purchasing some of the recommended reading and familiarising myself with theorists and theories. This plan has materialised – slightly! Inevitably work opportunities have gotten in the way and I haven’t quite managed to complete everything on the to-do list I complied in July.


However I thought I would share a few introductory books which I highly recommend. These books are short biographies and so give an insight into the lives of these individuals rather than focussing on their ideas however they are covered in short chapters. I found the two which I have read insightful and intriguing as although familiar with certain ideas and concepts I didn’t know much into the background and lives of these two men. I began with John and Mary Gribben’s ‘Darwin in 90 minutes’ which includes a brief timeline of the history of science. I am very keen to find out more about the 90 minute range and may be purchasing a number of them for myself!
I have just finished the second of the two short introductions pictured above, ‘Sigmund Freud’ by Stephen Wilson and I also have positive things to say about it. Slightly longer than the introduction to Darwin it provides a slightly more in-depth account of Freud’s upbringing, family life and health along with 8 pages of photographs. Even after the short 108 page pocket biography I feel that I have a better understand of Freud himself rather than just his very prominent theories.


Although these easy introductions don’t discuss in depth any theories, or how their theories have been carried forward to present day psychology they have given me a great starting point to build on my knowledge and this evening I will be starting Frieda Fordham’s ‘Introduction to Jung’s Psychology’ which is the longest of the three introductions I planned to read before final year in October.
For anyone beginning any studying which covers Darwin, Freud or anyone else I would highly recommended beginning with short introductions. Sophie


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