Book Review – Raoul Moat, His Short Life & Bloody Death

Last night I finished reading Raoul Moat, His Short Life and Bloody Death written by Vanessa Howard. I mentioned a few posts ago that I am drawn to any books (true crime of course!) which are based or have a connection to the Newcastle Upon Tyne area as that is where I have grown up and still currently live. I vividly remember the 24 hour rolling news coverage of the Raoul Moat story back in 2010 which, like many others all over the country, I followed closely and it lead me to seeing this particular book, published in 2010, being advertised. However when searching for reviews on the internet I had found a number of negative comments and so it put me off buying it as I have a list as long as my arm of books I would like so I had a number of others to choose from. However early this year I bit the bullet and bought it second hand so I could see for myself what it was all about it and the verdict is……..
that I really enjoyed it!


The book was, in my opinion, formatted in a great way and each chapter covered a different section of Moat’s life followed by a section discussing the particular topic, for instance the change in the licencing laws for door supervisors (or ‘bouncers’) and how this then affected Moat. It covered the events leading up to Moat’s unspeakable crimes and covered it from a number of aspects including family issues, paranoia, relationship struggles, career choices and much more.

20130822_084422It was an extremely easy read and was, in places, very basic which is one of the only things I can think of as to why it possibly got a number of negative reviews. However as a light and manageable read I found it suited its purpose and was informative. I would stress that it relays a lot of information which is already known and doesn’t approach the subject from any angle which hasn’t already been covered elsewhere.
As always I would love to hear your opinion if you have read it or any other book recommendations 🙂


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