Barter Books

I live around an hour’s drive away from Barter Books in Alnwick which is a converted railway station now selling books. It has a fantastic system whereby you bring along your old books and exchange them for ‘in store’ credit. There is also a cafe on sight and is a great day out. For anyone who hasn’t been before I would mention that if you are not using credit and simply buying the books with cash as far as second hand books go they are pretty darn expensive! I would be very reluctant to purchase any books unless using the credit system.
Anyway, the point of this blog post is to share the 15 books I came away from Barter Books with this morning! Without further ado here are my finds!




Not only did I find some real gems I managed to come away with Paul Britton’s, The Jigsaw Man and Diary of An On Call Girl by E.E. Bloggs, both of which are books I have had on my ‘wishlist’ for quite a while.



For anyone who lives a reasonable distance from Alnwick or anyone who is passing I highly recommend visiting Barter Books – the food is fabulous too!


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