DD301, Crime and Justice

Here I am with another Open University (OU) post all about my most recently completed module, DD301 Crime and Justice.
Level: 3
Credits: 60
Length: Oct 2012-June 2013
Personal Rating: 5/5
photo (82)
This was my first level 3 module (highest undergrad module) and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. In comparison to a level 2 I don’t think is was much more difficult however the intensity did increase. Throughout the whole module there was much emphasis on looking critically at the module materials and outside sources and unlike my level 2 experiences, outside reading was readily encouraged – this is something I really enjoy. Towards the end of DD301 we had to complete an ‘independent essay’ which I had been looking forward to from the start. This involved choosing from a variety of topics e.g. cybercrime, mass incarceration, restorative justice, state terror, gated communities, legal and illegal drug use and control and many more. Of course due to my keen interest in prisons I went for mass incarceration. The next step in the ‘independent essay’ process was to submit a proposed question along with at least 6 sources you would use in order to answer this question. I focused on the harms caused to black and minority ethnic (BME) prisoners predominately in the UK and the USA. After submitting our proposals we received feedback etc. and the final tutor marked assignment (TMA) was the 3600-4000 word project.
Besides the two project based TMA’s there was 3 others which I all enjoyed. I was pleased with my grades throughout the year but I also think this reflects how much I enjoyed the module. Due to circumstances (work, puppies etc.) some of my grades were not as high as I would of liked but it’s over now and I hope that I have made up for it with the exam.
With regards to the exam for DD301 I was pleasantly surprised (I probably shouldn’t say this yet as I won’t receive my marks until August) There wasn’t too long between submitting the final TMA and the exam so in hindsight I would of probably started revising 1 or 2 weeks before timetabled.

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General Overview
The first half of this module is surrounding ‘crime’ and I thoroughly enjoyed this. Along with
the module text book there is a DVD entitled Opium which was also fantastic. I have heard mixed reviews regarding the DVD (which is the focus of TMA 01) however I loved it as I really enjoy having something visual when learning.
The second half of the module is based upon book 2, ‘criminal justice’ which has a very ‘global’ aspect and again I found very enjoyable.

photo (83)

For anyone who has to study DD301 as a compulsory module – lucky you! And for anyone who is thinking about taking it as a singular module or as a ‘free choice’ module I would highly recommend it.


9 thoughts on “DD301, Crime and Justice

      1. Sorry for the delay in replying! I found recording myself onto my mobile and playing it back while walking the dog, cooking, tidying etc. really helped – particularly for key terms and theorists. I also try to condense notes for each chapter into two pages and add pictures which relate to things. When I am in the exam I find myself thinking of the picture and miraculously end up remembering some of what is written with it! Of course it all depends on your learning style. Some people swear by mind maps but I found that although useful to sort my thoughts out I didn’t remember much from them once taken away. Good luck x

    1. I really enjoyed DD301, I found the workload to be pretty manageable in comparison to my other level 3. I found I received the better marks when I had done outside research. Enjoy the project too as you get a great choice of topics to focus on 🙂

    1. I found the advice and guidelines for TMA 03 to be a little vague and so I would advise asking as many questions as possible. I send a number of e-mails to my tutor to really clarify certain areas. I spent a while finding journals and articles to support as they form a large part of TMA 05. I had no idea if I was on the right lines but I stuck to my idea and followed each step in the project booklet closely.
      I struggle with exams too and think the OU should introduce some sort of ‘mock exam’
      Good luck! 🙂

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