Post Study Blues

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I’m not exactly sure how many other people feel like this but there has to be some. I finished the 3rd year of my degree with the Open University (OU) on Wednesday 12th June and I am having study withdrawal symptoms already. One of the reasons I feel so eager to get going again in October is because it is my final year – the end really is in sight! It’s also going to be a brand new challenge to me as the past 3 years have been criminology based while this last year is going to be solely psychology, which I haven’t got as much experience in and so will be a big learning curve for me.

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When I start again on 5th of October my final year will be a full year and my degree is set to finish in October 2014 which means I won’t have any time off! Like I said I don’t know if I am the only one but I have enjoyed a few chilled out days but I am now desperate to get back into the study routine and get going again. So I have ordered second hand copies of my module text books as well as gathering as much feedback/advice from students who have already completed these modules so that I can start to prepare. I have purchased four of the books from the reading list and I have a few more which I might buy next pay day! My plan is to work as and when through July and then get back into my study routine throughout August and September. I want to make sure I get a bit of a break as I also work part, have two voluntary placements along with the horse and the dog and so when term time does come around again it all gets a bit manic!

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For anyone who does study with the OU or who are thinking about studying my final 2 modules are DSE212, Exploring Psychology (starting Oct 2013) and DD307, Social Psychology (starting Jan 2014)


2 thoughts on “Post Study Blues

  1. I’m the same, I’m about to go in to third year under grad at keele (criminology&sociology) and I’ve chosen to do two dissertations basically so I can get started in the summer, it spreads the work load and keeps momentum! I feel a bit of a geek doing it but I know it will pay off in the end with time management and results. I also volunteer but I’m a bit older than you and have four kids so life is always hectic and any time studying in the bank is always a good thing! Nic xx

    1. Sounds fantastic! Where are you volunteering? I feel ‘geeky’ too but who cares, i love it! It’s great when you’ve found something you really have a passion for. Admire you for doing 2 dissertations – like you say it will pay off for you in the end. Good luck for summer studies 🙂 x

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