Oh no…

I bought more books!!!

So yet again this weekend I caved and purchased some new books (I think soon I am going to have to admit that I have a book buying problem!) In my defence two of these books are to begin preparing for the final year of my degree so I do have an excuse for buying those. The other 8 I purchased from Barnardo’s (http://www.barnardos.org.uk/?ref=112326&gclid=COL7xK2Y_LcCFbMbtAodzkIAAQ) as they do a FANTASTIC range of second hand books which are any 4 books for 99p!!! It took me at least a handful of times going there and asking if it was any of there books to actually believe it! Two of these books I am gifting to people so I will leave those out of this post.

photo (73)

The books I purchased from Amazon for my degree are:
1. Psychology, The science of mind and behavior – Richard Gross
2. A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis – Freud

And the books I picked up from the charity shop are:
3. Damaged – Cathy Glass
4. Means of Escape – Philip Caputo
5. Being Gazza – Paul Gascoigne
6. The Definitive Books of Body Language – Allan & Barbara Pease
7. Pete Doherty – Alex Hannaford
8. Too Much Too Young – Kerry Katona

I am very impressed with Richard Gross’ Psychology book which I purchased for around £30 inc. P&P I can see it becoming a real staple on my desk for my final year (which is solely psychology based) and will be doing a review on it after I have spent a little longer reading sections of it.

photo (72)

If anyone has any recommendations for degree level psychology books or for any criminal psychology books I would love to hear them, Sophie 🙂


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