My Week in Pictures

Exams are over! It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I have no more university work until October – but it’s true! This post is going to be full of pictures to ease me back into blogging! So here is my week in pictures:

Last week when walking Rolo I came across a field full of beautiful (and very friendly) cows! I am a total sucker for animals – especially farm animals!

photo (60)

photo (62)

I have also been getting my living room re-decorated and revamping all my others rooms, nearly finished and can’t wait!

photo (63)

As I mentioned on Wednesday 12th I had my final exam for the year, this was my view on the morning of the exam:

photo (61)

After all the stress of my third year was over I went home decor shopping and stopped for a starbucks with my mum!

photo (64)

And of course I have spent time with the horse and puppy!


I *promise* I will have another blog post up on Wednesday too! 🙂


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