Charity Shop Book Haul

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I have just got back from a morning of cupcakes, coffee and charity shops! Today is Saturday and I thought I would take a break from revision and head off for some well needed time with my mother. After heading to a lovely boutique coffee and cake shop we wandered down a nearby high street and popped into a few charity shops – I always keep a look out for books in charity shops as every now and again I find a real gem. Today was a good day – I came away with 19 books for £5.00! I have listed below 18 of the books (one I am giving as a present) and included a few pictures. Please share if you have read any or have any other book suggestions on here or via Twiter,

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1. Street Kid – Judy Westwater
2. International Politics – G.R Berridge
3. Black skin, white masks – Frantz Fanon
4. Roget’s Thesaurus
5. Will mummy be coming back for me? – Shane Dunphy
6. Humorous Quotations – Fred Metcalf
7. Hush, little baby – Shane Dunphy
8. Hostages – Phil Clarke & Gordon Kerr
9. Jack the Ripper: The final solution – Stephen Knight
10. The who’s who of unsolved murders – James Morton
11. Human rights are women’s rights – Amnesty international
12. Good guide to dog friendly pubs, hotels and B&Bs – Alisdair Aird
13. The wind up letters – Mark Hebblewhite
14. Hooligan Wars, causes & effects of football violence – Mark Perryman
15. Football stories, Bad boys and Hard men – Niall Edworthy
16. Oxford Better Wordpower
17. Hutchinson concise encyclopedic dictionary
18. Hard Facts, dangerous half-truths and total nonsense – Jeffrey Pfeffer

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Follow Words of a Twenty Something to find out when full reviews appear of each of these books (beside the dictionary and thesaurus!)
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2 thoughts on “Charity Shop Book Haul

  1. Your dog is so cute!! I had a quick dip into a charity shop on the way home from my tutorial today but I only ended up with two new books… nowhere near as impressive as your haul! x

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