Book Love

BEDM Day 11
Today’s theme is to share your favourite book/books. This is difficult for me as, if you have seen other post by me, I really non-fiction real crime/law/psychology books and the majority I read once and then use for reference. So maybe I will talk about a few books which I have thoroughly enjoyed?
One of my favourite ‘groups’ of book are those about psychology in prison and those about incarceration. For a lighter read I thoroughly enjoy prison diaries and I am currently read ‘IN IT’ by Jonathan Robinson – which is a witty and shocking account of modern day prison life.

I also enjoy accounts of one particular person, and these are great for when I have university work as they tend to be quick reads, one which I have read recently is Nick Appleyards ‘Life means life.’

Due to choosing a degree in my favourite and most interesting topic I really enjoy the core texts books, further reading list and the variety of articles available to read around the subject – if only we had longer to read! 

I know this has been a particularly random post without much direction it I don’t have one particular book which I could call my favourite. 


2 thoughts on “Book Love

  1. I too have read Jonathan’s book very interesting as i have also written about the UK Prison service but from the other side of the fence A Prison Officers story called A Turnkey or Not? However my book does in fact fall very nicely in line with Jonathan’s

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