All work and no play, BEDM day 8

The prompt for today’s BEDM post is ‘Tell us about your first job. Did you love it or was it horrendous?’

I got my first ‘proper job’ aged 17 and I actually still work for the same company (a family company). I plan to stay there until I have finished my degree as it fits perfectly with my life as it is at the moment.
I was first employed to work 16 hours per week as an administration assistant whilst requested to attend Newcastle College to undertake an NVQ 2 in Business Administration, I really enjoyed doing this as I am a real sucker for education and working towards a goal.
Upon completion of this NVQ I continued working as admin support for the company before being given the opportunity to accompany the coaches to sessions where they provide tailor made sporting activities for adults with disabilities, residents of sheltered housing schemes and children and communities living in disadvantaged areas.

I now do a combination of the two and I am very lucky to be able to do the majority of the administration work from home which fits perfectly with my degree and voluntary work. My first job was and is amazing!

(Over this period of time I have had second jobs which have not been such a great experience, after BEDM I might make a specific post about this!) 


3 thoughts on “All work and no play, BEDM day 8

  1. That’s so funny, I did an NVQ 2 (and then 3) in BA as well, unfortunately I didn’t get to work from home though! Now I’m doing admin full time until I finish my degree (and then who knows…?) See you tomorrow for your next BEDM post 😉

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