BEDM 7, Perfect Pets

Tell us all about your pets, past and/or present, is today’s BEDM post and by far my favourite! I will try not to ramble as I could speak for hours about my pets and animals in general. I have always been an animal lover and since birth I have always been around animals. Until the age of 17 I was adamant I was going to work with animals, in-particular horses until I realised I didn’t want to turn my greatest hobby into a job (I have another post regarding this so check it out, I feel very passionate about animal rights etc. and personally could not be without a pet.
Over the years I have had cats, dogs, horses, goldfish, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs and a rabbit – these have all been family pets and pets I have had whilst living at home with my mother.

I now live in my own flat and have recently bought the most perfect chocolate labrador   Rolo. I also have Reuben, a horse I have owned for 3 years who is stabled at a livery yard around 5-10 minutes from my home. When I moved out I had a period of a couple of months where I had no pet at home and I felt lost! Below I have created mini profiles telling you about my two perfect pets:

Reuben is a 13 year old thoroughbred x irish draught. He is such a gentleman and doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. I have ridden all my life and owned 5 horses previous to Reuben (or Roo as he is usually called!) however he is hands down my horse of a life time. I originally bought him to enjoy hacking out and spending time with but also to do a little dressage, showing and showjumping – although this hasn’t exactly gone to plan! For the past 2 summers Roo has had pretty serious injuries. Last year he was kicked in the field and fractured his elbow which took a lot of recovery – along with rather large vets bills! The previous summer he also had a very nasty kick on his hindquarters which resulted in internal and external stitches and 3/4 months box rest! So we haven’t got out competing as much as we would of liked.

Personality wise Roo is fabulous! He is very well mannered and usually so quiet, he is however a little bit of a scaredy cat and quite often needs a bit of reassurance to let him no things such as carrier bags are not going to eat him!



Rolo is my little chocolate lab! I haven’t had him long as he is only 4 months old but he is a firm member of the family. Rolo is so full of character and not a day goes by without him making me laugh. Training wise he is doing great, he has been going to puppy classes for the past 5 weeks and has really thrived. Rolo’s favourite thing to do is play with other dogs – he is so friendly and would happily sit outside all day and if another dog isn’t around he will more than happily sit with his human friends! The yard, where Reuben is stabled, is Rolo’s favourite place to be as there are so many people to fuss him and miles of tracks and fields for him to get up to mischief. Even on the warmest and driest day he manages to find a wet, dirty, muddy puddle and takes great pride in rolling around in it! Below is a recent picture of Rolo along with a picture of when I first went to view him and immediately put a deposit down for him!

Rolo, 4 monthsPuppy - First time viewing


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