Bank Holiday Fun!

For today’s BEDM, created by Rosalilium, is to share your favourite ways to enjoy the extra long weekend off work as it is a bank holiday today here in the UK!
Unfortunately I have not been feeling to well for the past few days so I will share (the minimal changes) which usually happen for me on a bank holiday.I work part time and in the rest of my time I am studying for a criminology and psychological studies degree with the Open University along with volunteering for the Witness Service at my local magistrates court and acting as a mentor for those being released from HMP Durham having served a sentence of 12 months or less – so as you can imagine this, along with having a horse and a Labrador, I am usually pretty hectic! When bank holidays do roll around I try to use the day to catch up on housework and paper work in the morning and then to just really relax and laze about in the afternoon reading and watching films.
When it comes to bank holidays from now onward many horse shows are held so if I am not attending with my horse I often have a day out with friends or my mum.
Even though I haven’t been feeling great and have a lot of work on for my EMA for K115, Foundations for effective practice in Youth Justice, I have managed to get out this morning for a lovely walk with the puppy and I have been very productive seeing to my horse and a friends who is on holiday.
All in all I am not too exciting when it comes to bank holidays, it’s just a day where I try to do as little as possible for once!

I have included some pictures of Rolo’s walk today, hope everyone is having a lovely stress-free bank holiday 🙂

photo (43)

photo (45)

photo (46)



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