BEDM #5 ‘Health & Fitness’

Todays post for BEDM isn’t great for me! It’s about sharing your tips and regime regarding how you stay fit and healthy. I don’t think I am either, I am probably fitter than I think but if I am being truthful staying fit and healthy are way down my list of priorities!
I LOVE food and I love good food, I truly believe that everything is good for you in moderation and I am not going to ever deprive myself of food if I am hungry. I would say I eat moderately well, below I have briefly outlined my daily and weekly eating and exercise habits. For reference I am 5’6 and (no idea what I weigh, I don’t own scales!) but I am a UK size 8-10.
I do do not claim to know about dietary needs etc. and I know I probably should eat healthier but hey, you only live once!

Daily exercise –
I walk the dog twice a day and also have to attend to the horse which means on a daily basis I will be mucking out, lifting heavy haynets, water buckets etc. I also try and ride 3 times a week.
I also have one day a week, when I am acting as a mentor, where we spend the majority of the day walking around to appointments etc.

Weekly food planner –
(Mon-Fri) – Breakfast is either cereal, toast or a yoghurt.
Lunch is a sandwich, usually pitta bread or a wrap.
Tea is a big meal, it will consist of some sort of meat, vegetables and carbs (either roast potatoes, mash, chips etc.) I usually have a pudding too and this can vary from one biscuit to a piece of chocolate cake!

(Sat & Sun) – Breakfast and lunch are the same as through the week however one of these days for tea I will get a takeaway, either chinese, Indian or takeaway pizza! I will usually have extra snacks over a weekend too! I have a slight addiction to coke-a-cola too!

All in all I don’t think I am someone to mimic when it comes to fitness and health, but I will be interested to see everyone else’s posts!


2 thoughts on “BEDM #5 ‘Health & Fitness’

  1. Glad to see such a normal attitude towards food etc… I’m anticipating lot’s of guilt-inducing perfection as I work my way through the rest of the BEDM posts!

  2. I know, haha! I admire people who lead healthy lifestyles but it does annoy me when people take it too the extreme! I know people who won’t ever come to meals out etc. (even at Christmas!) because they don’t eat anything they haven’t freshly prepared!

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