Blog lovin’

Today’s BEDM theme is to share 5 blogs you love and why so I will keep this short and sweet!

1. Criminology in Public This is a blog I check around twice a week, it provides fascinating, current discussions which are well written and very informative. It isn’t a quick read at all so I advice making a cuppa’ and getting comfy before starting! You can also find the author, Dr Nic Groombridge on twitter at

2. The Girl Saw the Comet I love this blog! Leena writes this blog along with making youtube videos. The layout of this blog is beautiful and it’s such an easy, enjoyable read. There is a wide variety of book related posts accompanied by some great photography. There are also some lovely book cover designs Leena has done which are amazing and I would love to see more! Leena can be found as youtube or twitter at

3. UK Criminal Law Blog is number 2 for me. It is a fantastic blog written by two barristers and an editor providing a huge variation of crime and law related information. It simply defines certain aspects of the law, includes an extensive range of Q&A’s, has a great glossary and is updated regularly. This is a must for anyone interested in this particular field. You can follow them on twitter too,

4. Miss Budget Beauty is something I check every other day, regular beauty, fashion, lifestyle updates by a great British blogger and youtuber. There is something for everyone on this blog and is updated almost daily. Again Khila, who’s blog it is, can be found on twitter at with very regular tweets and links to her youtube videos.

5. Doing it the Open Way this is the final blog for my top 5 blogs. What first attracted me to this blog was the fact that the author studies with the Open University and that she regularly mentioned and posted about it.  It isn’t all study related and everyone should be able to find something of interest as it covers so many different areas! Although I haven’t been a reader of this blog for long it is now firmly in my favorites and something I constantly check. Daire can be found on twitter at

I would love to hear about any blogs you enjoy as I am always on the search for something new to read!


4 thoughts on “BEDM #4

  1. I am beyond excited by this! Thank you, thank you! I’m now following you too, it’ll be nice to connect with a fellow OU’er! x

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