BEDM Day 2, Spring has sprung!

Day 2 of BEDM (Blog Every Day in May)

The theme for today, set by Rosalilium –, is all about spring and the task is to discuss what is your favorite thing about Spring and what plans do you have to enjoy it?

I love this time of year, spring and winter are probably my favourite seasons. I love the way everything seems to come alive in spring and how happy everyone seems to be now that we can see the back of the cold weather! In no particular order I have listed my favourite things about spring below:
1. Brighter, lighter mornings and evenings
2. My horse lives out for the summer so makes it a lot less work!
3. Going for long evening rides when it’s bright but quiet.
4. Being able to sit outside to read or work
5. Taking the dog for walks, especially on the beach
6. Everyone seems to be extra happy and smiley

photo (36) photo (37) photo (38)

My plans to enjoy spring are to do all of the above as much as possible! I am also aiming to ride my horse more (currently totally swamped with work and university) read more – either sitting outside or with the sun shining through the windows) and to continue enjoying walks with Rolo.


What’s your favourite thing about spring? 🙂



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