Book Haul!

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I recently purchased some books so I thought here would be a perfect place to share what I got. One was a gift, one I purchased from ‘The Works’ and the rest are second hand from Amazon.

In an ideal world i would like to purchase solely from bookshops however when purchasing many books, particularly for my degree, this gets very expensive. With regards to buying second hand books over the internet I love Amazon, for it’s choice and efficiency and ABE books for their price!

The five books are included in this haul:
Screwed – Ronnie Thompson
Gangsters, Guns and Me – Jamie Foreman
A Prison Diary, Purgatory – Jeffrey Archer
A Prison Diary, Heaven – Jeffrey Archer
Police Training Manual – Jack English & Brian English

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I will begin with Screwed, I already have ‘banged up’ by Ronnie Thompson and thought the whole premise of the book sounded exactly like something I would enjoy so when I saw Screwed in a discount shop I picked it up straight away. When I read the blurb along with small passages to get a general idea of the book I realized that although based around true events much of the extracts are fabricated, which isn’t something I usually enjoy. The book is a modern account of UK prison which is the area I am most interested in so will definitely be giving it a read when I finish this year of university. I am slightly disappointed that it isn’t all factual but that was my fault for not checking, a giveaway might of been the particularly ‘fiction’ looking cover – one of my least liked book covers I think!
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Next is Gangsters, Guns and Me, which was a gift from my mum. I was very much aware of Jamie Foreman from Eastenders and ‘gangster’ related films however I didn’t know much, if anything, about his story and history. This book looks like it will be an easy read with some interesting stories. The blurb mentions Jamie’s fathers 10 year prison sentence and his connections Jack ‘The Hat’ McVitie and the Kray Twins. As mentioned I think this will be a quick, easy and enjoyable read.


I will discuss Jeffrey Archers books together. I recently read, for the first time, Jeffrey Archer’s prison diary. I loved it. I had heard very mixed reviews about his book, however in my opinion much of the negativity towards them come from people who didn’t like  much as a person. I had also heard comments that it was poorly written, but again I disagree as it is meant as a diary style book. I took this book on face value and read it like a prison diary,which is what it was intended to be, without any emotions about the individual writing it. To me it really summed up the current prison epidemic, the everyday stresses, emotions, problems, fears and worry. It provided detailed drawings of cells, produced by inmates, and an example of the canteen list and prison food menu.  I wasn’t aware that he had another two prison diaries so as soon as I found this out I ordered them both straight away. Purgatory is the second and Heaven the third.
Purgatory covers his time at HMP Wayland, a category C prison in Norfolk. Again it looks like the same layout as his first diary whereby there are diary entries with dates and times. To me it really reflects the emotions displayed in prison – some extracts are lengthy and descriptive whilst others merely just a sentence with undertones of depression.
The final volume, Heaven covers his transfer from HMP Wayland to his release on parole. I will certainly be doing full length reviews of all three of these books. A definite recommendation from me.
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Finally, and briefly, the Police Training Manual. This was recommended to me by someone on my university course as a great reference and general textbook. Although I won’t be reading it cover to cover it is fantastic to refer to particular sections for more information or definitions. I got it at a bargain price of £2.81 (inc. delivery) from Amazon. Below is an example of what is included:
photo (23)

I am open to any book recommendations as always on the lookout for new books! 🙂


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