My Education Journey

Okay, I will try and keep this brief. I did not get on well at school, at all! I still can’t 100% put my finger on the reasons why but for some reason or another me and high school didn’t mix. I came away with one D grade GCSE and then a handful of F’s and U’s.
Then I had a bit of a wobble! Once I left school I realized that I really needed some sort of qualification behind me but my high school had seriously put me off going to college.
I have always been an animal-lover and always had pets, one of which was a horse. From around the age of 12 I knew I was going to turn my passion for horses into a career, so that’s what I tried to do. I ended up doing an NVQ in horse care as it meant spending a very small amount of time at a tiny local college and the rest of the time working on a yard with horses. I quickly grew tired of repeating everything I had known for years but couldn’t progress onto a job without the qualification. This is when I discovered distance learning. I completed a diploma in Equine Science with Oxford College,, I loved it! I passed with a distinction and really surprised myself at how well I worked alone.

I am passing quite a bit here but in the time I have missed I completed another equine related qualification and did many work placements relating to horses.

I grew up rather quickly between the ages of 17-18 and really started thinking about the way in which I was going. I no longer wanted to turn my hobby into a career, and I also realized how much work needed to go into an equine job with very little pay.
I went on to complete a Business and Administration NVQ which got me a great part-time job which I am still doing now!

The only other thing I was really passionate about, was the psychology of criminals. I spent hours reading and researching true crimes and the quest to understand why people commit crimes. So I explained this to my mum and shortly after she told me about the Open University (OU). I went, with my mum, along to a meeting to discuss my options and in September 2010 I embarked on a BA/BSc Hons Criminology and Psychological Studies degree. As cheesy as it sounds the Open University has changed my life and I now have a very clear focus about which direction I want my career to go. I really believe I have the drive and ambition to achieve it.

photo (16)

photo (15)
Anyway I will save my stories of the OU for another post! All I have to say is the OU ignited my passion for education and since beginning my degree journey I haven’t looked back.



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